Illuminating Auto Electrical Repair

Exposing Some Common Auto Electrical Issues

It’s All Connected

The parts of your car’s electrical system are its battery, starter, and alternator. Think of these parts like a team that works together to power your vehicle and its electrical components: the radio, the lights on both the interior and exterior of the car, the power seats, the windows, and everything else in your car that runs on electricity. The battery powers your vehicle’s electrical components and gives your car the current it needs to both start its engine and engage its fuel system. The alternator recharges your battery whenever you turn your car on, making sure your vehicle is getting enough power. The starter is the piece that triggers your engine pistons to start working. Then the pistons convert energy into action. As you can see, your car’s electrical system is extremely important. But what if something goes wrong?

Most Common Car Electrical Problems

Just like any part of the car, the electrical system can have issues. One common issue is a dead battery – if your car’s battery is dying, you’ll notice that the lights are dim, your engine is having a hard time starting, or your car is stalling. You may also see your battery warning light turn on while you’re driving. Your car’s alternator can also malfunction, in which case you may notice your electrical components losing power, your lights dimming and getting brighter, a grinding noise when your car changes speeds, or the smell of burnt rubber. You may also see a power warning light come on when you’re driving. You may also have a dead starter motor, so you’ll hear a clicking noise when you turn the key, but your engine won’t start. Another common issue is bad spark plugs, the symptoms for which include a vibrating engine, a check engine light, and decreased gas mileage. You may also notice inconsistent power, like surges and drops. So basically, if you’re experiencing any issues with any of the parts of your car that require power, it can be a sign of car electrical problems.

What to Do for Electrical Issues

Car electrical issues can put a damper on your day, and if the problem is really bad, you may not be able to start your engine. Don’t wait until your engine stops working altogether. If you notice any lights dimming, any electrical components not working properly, or any of the other power-related issues listed above, prioritize bringing your car in to be checked out and repaired by the team of experts at Chapman’s Automotive in Craig, CO. Give us a call to make an appointment for auto electrical repair today!

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