Shocks, Struts, And Beyond

The Ins And Outs Of Suspension Repair

Shocks And Struts, Oh My!

You may know that your car has a suspension system. You may also know that your car’s suspension system is what keeps it driving smoothly, protecting you and your passengers from feeling the constant bumps in the road. But do you know what shocks and struts are and what they do? If you’re wondering, “What do shocks and struts do?” keep reading to learn the essential facts about these integral parts of your car’s suspension system.

Don’t Be Shocked by Shocks

Shocks are also known as shock absorbers. No matter what you call them, their purpose is to control the movement of your car’s springs and suspension. Suspension springs are the pieces that link your car’s wheels to its body, ensuring that your wheels are coming into contact with the road in a way that’s safe and comfortable for you and your passengers. Back to shock absorbers, though: they turn the kinetic energy created by the movement of your car’s suspension into heat energy, which is then dissipated through your car’s hydraulic fluid. In other words, it absorbs unwanted movement, turns that into heat, and then scatters the heat, all to let you drive smoothly and comfortably. Without shock absorbers, your car would be out of control, and your ride would be super bumpy. We would not recommend trying to drive without shocks.

But What Are Struts?

You may still wonder: what is the difference between shocks and struts? To understand that, you have to understand what struts are. They’re another essential component of your car’s suspension system, and they’re typically lighter and take up less space than the shocks. Like shocks, the struts also help your car resist excessive motion by controlling the motion of your car’s springs and suspension system to keep your ride smooth. However, unlike shocks, your struts also structurally support the car’s suspension system and its springs while holding your car’s tires in alignment. Struts are an essential part when it comes to your car’s handling, and they bear a heavy load: specifically, they bear the side load that’s placed on your vehicle’s suspension. In other words, struts are arguably more important than shocks in your ability to control your car, brake effectively, and steer accurately. They’re responsible for your automobile’s wheel alignment and even play a role in the wear that the other parts of the suspension experience. And, if you’re experiencing issues with your shocks, struts, or other parts of your suspension system in the Craig, CO, area, be sure to bring your car into Chapman’s Automotive.

Written by Developer Autoshop